It is a long time ago, a big lion lived in a dense forest. All the animals in the forest trembled because of him. He used to hunt forest animals every day and fill his stomach.

One day he wandered in the forest the whole day, but he did not find a single victim. While wandering it was evening and his condition had worsened due to hunger. Then the lion saw a cave. The lion thought why not sit in this cave and wait for its owner and as soon as he comes, he will kill him and satisfy his hunger. Thinking this, the lion ran and sat inside the cave.

That cave belonged to a jackal, who had gone out in the afternoon. When he was returning to his cave at night, he saw the paw marks of a lion outside the cave. Seeing this he became alert. When he looked carefully at the marks, he realized that the claw marks were of going inside the cave, but not of coming out. Now he was convinced that the lion was sitting inside the cave.

Still, to confirm this, the jackal came up with a trick. He called out from outside the cave, “Oh cave! What’s the matter, you didn’t call me today. Every day you call me, but today you are very silent. What has happened?”

The lion sitting inside thought, “Maybe this cave calls out to this jackal every day, but today it is not speaking because of me. No problem, today I call it.” Thinking this, the lion called out loudly, “Come, my dear friend jackal. come on in.”

As soon as the jackal heard this sound, he came to know that the lion was sitting inside. He quickly ran away from there to save his life.

Learning from the story:

Even in the most difficult situations, if intelligence is used, a solution can be found.

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