It was summer, an ant was very thirsty. She started wandering here and there in search of water. Within some time she reached near a river. That river was full of water, but the ant could not go directly into that river.

Because of this, she climbed onto a small stone and bent down from there and started trying to drink the water of the river. As soon as the ant bent down to drink water, it fell into the river.
A pigeon sitting on a tree on the bank of the same river was watching all this. He took pity on the ant’s condition and the pigeon made a plan to save the ant. He quickly plucked a leaf from the branch of the tree and threw it near the ant flowing in the river water.

The ant climbed and sat on that leaf and when the leaf reached the river bank, it jumped from the leaf and came to the ground. The ant thanked the pigeon for saving his life and went away from there.

After a few days, a hunter came to the bank of the same river. He spread his net near the pigeon’s nest. After spreading the grains on the net, he hid in a nearby bush and sat down.

The pigeon could not see the hunter and his net. When he saw the grain on the ground, he got down to pick it and got trapped in the hunter’s net.

At the same time the ant had also come there. He had seen the pigeon getting trapped in the hunter’s net. The poor pigeon could not escape from the hunter’s net even after trying his best. After this the hunter came and picked up the pigeon trapped in the net and started walking away. Then the ant decided to save the pigeon’s life. The ant came running and started biting the hunter’s leg.
The hunter started feeling severe pain due to the ant bite. He threw the net down and started cleaning his feet. Meanwhile, as soon as the pigeon got the opportunity, it escaped from the net and flew away quickly. In this way the ant saved the pigeon’s life.

Learning from the story – If someone helps someone without any selfishness, then sometimes he gets good results. Good always happens with a good person.

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