A very powerful king ruled a state. His queen was also very beautiful and intelligent. The king and queen had a son. Both of them left no stone unturned in the upbringing of their son and in his education.

The prince was also very handsome. His behavior was polite and he was a worthy son and prince. The kings of many neighboring states wanted to marry their daughters to the prince. He had also sent marriage proposals to the king and queen. At the same time, the king and queen wanted their prince to marry a beautiful, intelligent and sensitive princess who was suitable for their son in every way.

The king sent his prince to the kingdoms from where marriage proposals came for him. The king wanted the prince to meet the princesses himself, understand them and choose a suitable wife for himself. The prince also agreed with his father. He went to many different kingdoms and met the people and princesses there, but still he found something lacking in all the princesses.

Within a few days the prince returned to his palace. he was sad. He was thinking in his mind that perhaps he was not destined to have the happiness of a wife. Thinking this, he refused to marry and started concentrating on the work of the state.

One evening it was raining heavily. Just then a girl came to the door of the palace. His clothes were wet because of the rain. His hair was disheveled. She appeared completely disheveled.

She told the soldiers standing at the door that she was a princess from a neighboring kingdom, who was stuck here due to the rain. In such weather, she cannot go to her palace, so she has come here to take shelter.

But, seeing the condition of the girl, he could not believe that she was a princess. He told the story of that girl to the king and queen. The queen gave him shelter in the palace, but the queen planned to test him to find out how true his words were.

The queen prepared a bed for the girl to sleep. On which 20 soft mattresses were laid. Then a silk sheet was spread over it. The queen very cleverly placed a pea under that silk sheet and 20 mattresses and then asked the girl to sleep on the same bed.

The next day, as soon as the girl came out of her bedroom, the queen eagerly asked her how she slept at night. On this the girl said that she could not sleep the whole night. Something was stinging him on his bed.

Hearing this, the queen was convinced that the girl was telling the truth. She is some princess. Then even a pea kept under twenty mattresses was stinging her and she is also a very sensitive princess. At that very moment the queen decided to marry her prince to that princess.
The king and queen themselves left the princess in her kingdom and after going there, they also proposed marriage to her royal father. The princess and her father accepted him and the prince and princess were married.

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