There was a forest. A fox lived in that forest. She used to fool all the animals. And she used to get her work done from them. One day, the clever fox saw a cock. The cock was sitting on a very high branch of the tree. Seeing the cock, the fox’s mouth watered because she wanted to eat the cock.
She said to the rooster in a sweet voice, ‘Royal King, what are you doing on the tree? Monkeys live on the trees, so you should walk on the ground. If you walk on the ground, you look very good and beautiful to me.’
Then the chicken replied, Aunty Fox, I am very afraid of dangerous animals. Last night, a big cat chased me. I got scared and flew away and sat on a tree, and since then I have been sitting on the same branch.
Then the fox said, “My dear naughty one, now there is nothing to be afraid of. Don’t you know that this morning itself there has been an agreement among all the animals and birds of the forest, from now on neither will anyone bother anyone nor will anyone attack anyone, so you come down quickly
The chicken said, dear aunty, this is very good news, what could be better news than this? I see that some hunting dogs of the forest are coming in this direction, perhaps they are also coming to tell the same thing.
Hearing this from the cock, the fox got scared and said, “Friend, please forgive me, I have remembered an important task, I will meet you later.” The cock said, “Wait aunty, why are you in such a hurry? Just talk to the hunter dogs, after all all the animals have an agreement.” so it’s done
But the fox did not listen to the cock. While running away from there, the fox said that she will meet him again some other day and I don’t know whether the dogs have heard this news or not. Seeing him running away, the cock started laughing and said to himself that the elder had come to fool me.

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