There lived a fox in a forest. He was friends with a beautiful deer living in the forest. Both often spent time together. They talked, played and had a lot of fun. The deer had great faith in the friendship of the fox. That’s why he became friends with him when he was a non-vegetarian. Other animals in the forest advised him to stay away from the fox, but he believed that for the sake of friendship the fox would never harm him.

One day an old lion came into the forest. While searching for prey, he reached the river bank. There on the other side of the river he saw a deer, who was playing with the fox. Seeing the deer, the lion’s mouth watered and he started planning to eat its meat. But now he no longer had the same agility to run and catch the deer. He thought a lot and finally decided to let the fox join him.
The next day he called the fox to him and said to her, “Fox, will you be my assistant? Your job will be to lure the animals of the forest and bring them to me. As soon as I get close, I will hunt them and we will divide the meat in half.”

The fox accepted the lion’s proposal. He had to start work from the next day. The whole night she kept thinking about which animal she should lure first to the lion. It was not easy to lure any animal. Anyway, the animals of the forest considered him clever. He thought, why not start with the deer. It is easy to seduce him.

The next day she went to the deer and lured him into the lion’s cave. The lion pounced and caught the deer, killed it and ate all its meat. The fox stood there and kept watching. Later he complained to the lion, “You promised to give me half of the meat. But you ate all the meat. You have broken my trust.”
The lion scolded him and said, “First look into your heart. Didn’t you break your friend’s trust and make him your victim and bring him to me? Give trustworthy advice only if you yourself are trustworthy. Now run away from here, what happened to your friend, what will happen to me.”

The fox came back with his face hanging. He got the fruits of his deeds.

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