Some time ago, there lived a craftsman named Raghav in a village. He used to make different types of idols and sell them and earn his living from the money he earned by selling the idols.
One day Raghav went to the forest to find a stone to make an idol. Raghav found a very beautiful stone in the forest. Seeing the stone, Raghav became very happy and started thinking in his mind that this stone is very good for making an idol. Then when he found it in the forest, When he was coming back, he found another stone on the way. Raghav picked up that stone too.

After reaching home, Raghav started making an idol on the stone with his tool. As soon as he hit the stone with the tool, the stone started saying, “Brother, leave me.” This tool of yours is hurting me

If you hit me with this tool, I will disintegrate, you leave me and make an idol from some stone. Hearing the stone, Raghav felt pity on it and Raghav left it. Then Raghav took another stone and made an idol. The other stone did not say anything even after being hit by a tool. After some time, Raghav made a very beautiful idol of God from that stone.

Some time after the idol was ready, the people of the village came to take the idol. They thought that another stone would be needed to break the coconut. They also took the earlier stone kept there. The people of the village took the idol and decorated it in the temple. And broke the coconut with the first stone and started worshiping the second stone in the temple.

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