There lived two farmers named Raju and Ramesh. Both of them were neighbour. There was a tree in the middle of their fields. The tree was full of ripe mangoes. Ramesh was about to pick some fruits when Raju came there. Hey, don’t touch them. This tree is mine,” Raju shouted. “No, it is mine,” said Ramesh. They continued to argue for a long time until Ramesh suggested ending their argument. “We will go to Birbal, who will give us fair justice!” Suggested to Ramesh. Both of them came to Birbal to ask for justice. Raju said, “Sir, there is a big mango tree on the edge of my field. It’s always been mine. Now Ramesh claims it is his!” Then Ramesh said, “Sir, this is my tree! I’ve been watering it since it was a plant!” Birbal thought for a while and said, “Now you can go home.” But you will have to present yourself here tomorrow!” As soon as the two farmers left, Birbal called a trusted servant and ordered, “Go to their house in the evening and tell them that some thieves are stealing mangoes from the tree. Report their reactions to me!” The servant first went to Raju and said, “Sir, the mangoes are being stolen!” “I have some important work right now. I will look into the matter later,” said Raju. After that the servant left for Ramesh’s house. He told him, “Sir, mangoes are being stolen!” When Ramesh heard this news, he ran towards the tree with a stick. The servant went back and told the whole story to Birbal. The next day in Birbal’s court he again asked whose tree it was. But both of them said, “It is mine!” Birbal said, “Since I find it difficult to resolve this dispute, I order that the mangoes be plucked and divided equally between the two. As far as trees are concerned, they will be cut and the forest will also be divided equally! Raju was happy because he was getting both the mango and a part of the tree. On the other hand, Ramesh was feeling sad. Ramesh said, “Sir, you are fair and just!” “Sir, I have watered and looked after the tree for more than ten years. I can’t see it being destroyed. Let Raju take the tree!” Requested Ramesh. After listening to both of them, Birbal concludes that Ramesh is the real owner of Raju and is punished for lying.      

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